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    Buy PCB Repair and Maintenance Products From Chip Quick

    Buy PCB Repair and Maintenance Products From Chip Quick

    Chip Quik Inc., develops solutions for a wide variety of prototype board rework needs ranging from SMD removal to removal of chip components and board troubleshooting. With Chip Quik design, you can save both time and money as you won’t need any outside technicians to carry your tasks. The products are easy to use, safe, and affordable.

    Here is a list of products you can purchase from Chip Quik to work with ease and comfort-

    • SMD Removal Kit for low-temperature rework. It creates no damage to the PC board or adjacent components and does not burn board, chips, lifting pads, or any other part.
    • Tack Flux in the syringe is a no-clean formula solder paste flux for all rework solder and desolder applications. It is easy to dispense and great for soldering, desoldering, and rework.
    • Rework Solder Paste is ideal for all the rework applications and can also be used for PCB manufacturing, SMD reworks for solder iron or hot air, and other purposes.
    • Tack Flux Squeeze Tubes is non-conductive, no-clean, non-corrosive, and is designed for SMD removal, desolder, solder, and reflow tasks.
    • Soldering Tip Cleaner that cleans and re-coats lead-free soldering iron tips for shiny tips and prolongs tip life.
    • Lead-free Alloy for SMD removal. It reduces heat and damage to circuit boards and SMD parts during removal.
    • Solder and Desolder Rework Kit that includes removal alloy, no-clean solder wick, solder paste, cotton swabs, and other products for making your work easier.

    You can shop from the continuing list of high-performance equipment. Chip Quik manufactures products to serve various industries including- automotive, industrial, consumer, manufacturing, telecommunications, medical, and more.