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    Soldering, Desoldering & Rework

    Soldering, Desoldering & Rework

    GoKimco delivers excellent services, superior quality soldering, and desoldering tools such as - desoldering irons and stations, fume extraction systems, nozzles, vises, and more. Besides this, you can also choose from a wide range of tools and equipment for all the soldering and desoldering applications. The advanced materials packed in unique delivery systems ensure superior performance and pinpoint accuracy.

    You can get the most innovative solutions and products for the rework and repair of printed circuit assemblies. Here is the list of offered products to shop from-

    • Pace Solder Tip Cartridges for superior heat transfer and reduced risk of PCB damage. These are consistent and meet the accurate tip temperatures.
    • Hakko ESD Safe Fume and Smoke Extraction System designed for extracting the contaminated air directly at the source. It has airflow adjustment modes and helps in maintaining optimum filter efficiency.
    • ESD Safe Ultra Exhaust Fans to remove the contaminated air from the workplace. These are suitable for areas with sensitive components.
    • Hakko Portable Desoldering Tool with improved temperature recovery time. It’s unique pump design lowers the vibration and also improves the vacuum pressure.
    • Metcal Digital Hot Air Pencil is ideally suited for light rework applications that require smaller components and integrated circuits.
    • ESD Safe Digital Self Contained Desoldering Station allows you to solder, desolder, and remove components with a variety of handpieces. The high-resolution pressure control valve delivers a wide range of adjustable airflow.
    • Metcal Soldering Rework Station with integrated power indication meter and user-programmable power save mode. These are suitable for use in electronics repair workshops, electronic laboratories, and other industrial applications.
    • Chemtronics 80-4-10 Soder-Wick is the fastest, safest rosin flux desoldering braid designed for today’s heat-sensitive electronic components using lighter mass, pure copper braid construction that allows for better thermal conductivity, even at low temperatures.
    • PACE Portable Fume Extraction System offers reliable performance, quiet operation, and optimal flow rates. The system can be placed on the benchtop or easily fitted under a bench. It is compact, portable, lightweight, self-contained, and easy to install.
    • PACE Caliper ComForm Lead Forming Tool allows the user to measure the approximate sizes of components and approximate distance from one point to another.
    • Hakko IR PC Board Preheater useful on medium to high-mass board assemblies. It works faster than ceramic IR heating.
    • Beau Tech Stainless Steel Straight Probe reaches between fine pitch leads with the strength for lead repair and rework.
    • Hakko Battery Powered Soldering Iron with tips for applications such as - soldering electrical wiring, repair appliances, alarm systems, RC cars, and jewelry. It is suitable for nearly anything that needs soldering where electricity is out of easy reach or unavailable.

    That’s not all. You can shop from the wide list of available products including tweezers, tips, and other accessories. All the tools are produced to serve various industrial and hobby-related applications with ease and accuracy.