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    Get ESD Safe Tapes & More from Dadas Tapes

    Get ESD Safe Tapes & More from Dadas Tapes

    GoKimco features top-class Dadas Tapes that are designed to serve the applications in various industries. Dadas Tapes, the best brand for adhesive tapes and masking discs offers excellent resistance at a value that's just plain affordable. The industrial strength of the tapes helps avoid injuries and can be easily peeled off.

    Here is a list of high-quality Dadas Tapes you can shop from-

    • Aisle Marking Tapes with ESD Logos has smear-resistant graphics to ensure good visibility in your work area. The applications include floor marking in static sensitive and protected work areas.
    • Conductive Grid Tape for use in ESD-Sensitive environments. They provide an anti-static non-sparking surface on both the inside and the outside that will not shed, crack, chip, or rub off.
    • Anti-Static Transparent Tape is a wide biodegradable transparent tape. It is perfect for use in sealing, fixing, and repair in office, school, home, and industrial settings.
    • ESD Safe Transparent Tape Printed with ESD Symbols is designed to generate extremely low levels of triboelectric charge. The tape is imprinted with an anti-static warning message.
    • Low Static Polyimide Solder Wave Discs offer high heat resistance and excellent dielectric strength.
    • Conformal Coating Masking Disc is laminated with an ESD plastic liner to prevent static discharge when removed from the liner. It is used for precision and high volume masking.
    • Polyimide High-Temp Wave Solder Tape provides excellent dielectric strength and outstanding resistance to cut-through.
    • Low Static Hi-Temp Masking Tape is ideal for use in ESD-sensitive environments. It protects Gold or Rhodium PCB Finger Contracts, assembly holes, and components. It is easily removable and leaves no residue.

    These tapes can be removed without leaving any marks behind, are easily peelable, and resist flames and chemicals. You can also shop from the extended list of Dadas Tapes here.