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    Hakko Soldering Tools

    Hakko Soldering Tools

    For over 60 years, Hakko has worked to deliver excellent services, superior quality soldering, and desoldering tools, smoke and fume extraction systems, and technical training classes for all its customers. Besides this, you can also choose from a wide range of accessories and related tools for electronics, industrial use as well as hobby related industries. The Hakko equipment is completely reliable and they come at affordable prices to provide you with the best services. 

    Check out the list of all the Hakko products we have for you.

    • Soldering Tools for both industrial, labs, and hobby-related work.
    • Desoldering Equipment to remove solder.
    • Rework System and Devices for surface mount component rework and other purposes.
    • Fume Extraction System and Absorber to clean the air of harmful chemicals.
    • BGA Systems for integrated circuits. 
    • Thermal Wires, Cables, and other tools for electrical operations.
    • Variety of Soldering Iron Tips to deliver heat to small areas while carrying out soldering processes.
    • Hot Tweezer Tips to manipulate small objects like surface mount, electronic parts, and small mechanical parts for precision mechanisms.
    • Desoldering Nozzles for removal of solder and desolder of components from a circuit board.
    • 486 Nozzles for pinpoint heating and Air Hood to reduce and eliminate exposure to volatile liquids, specks of dust, and mists. 
    • Hot Air Nozzle to provide even heat around the material.
    • Stained Glass for design enhancing and other applications.

    The list continues with various other products including replacement parts from Hakko. If you are looking for some good products with high reliability and better services, shop from our elite product line.