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    Get Superior Quality Hand Tools and Blades From Excel Blades

    Get Superior Quality Hand Tools and Blades From Excel Blades

    Excel Blades has been one of the leading knife, blade, and precision tool companies for 25 years. The company focuses on producing the tools to meet the most demanding and precise applications in every industry. With nearly 400 unique products, Excel Blades offers a wide variety of knives, blades, cutting mats, awls, saws, tweezers, clamps, and more. All the products are held to the excel standard with a rigorous look into the quality of materials, hardness, and edge. 

    Here is a list of products you can buy for high performance and supreme reliability-

    • K1 Knife with Safety Cap perfect for precision cutting, trimming, and stripping of paper, plastic, wood, cloth, and film.
    • Stainless steel Triangular Surgical Blade is sharpened along the edge and has a pointed tip making it ideal for stab incisions.
    • Stainless steel Surgical Blade with a flat unsharpened back edge and a curved cutting edge.
    • Surgical Scalpel Blade is a small, pointed, crescent-shaped blade that is sharpened along the inside edge of the curve.

    Excel Blades aims at producing high-quality products to satisfy the customers in every industry. The products are durable for any use- both professional and personal. You can get your hands on the most comfortable hobby knives and tools with aluminum body and soft-grip handles, available at affordable prices.