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    The Best ESD Products For You by Desco

    The Best ESD Products For You by Desco

    Kimco is now offering you the best of ESD Products by DESCO to ensure the safety of your ESD sensitive products. From wrist straps to floor mats, we have them all. The products are of the highest quality and are manufactured with absolute care and focus to fit the needs of each of our users.

    Check out all the categories of products we offer.

    • Bags and Labels to store sensitive products.
    • Clean Room Products to reduce the harmful effects of electrostatic discharges.
    • Floor Finish and Maintenance for the footwear flooring systems in ESD- protected areas.
    • Floor Mats to eliminate the power from the surface and the people nearby.
    • Foam to stay protected from any physical shock that may happen while handling ESD-sensitive products.
    • Foot Grounders to remove the electrostatic charges from people who interact with grounded ESD flooring.
    • Smocks, Gloves, and Tapes for ensuring the safety of the machines and people handling these.
    • Antistatic devices like wrist straps and coil cords.
    • Personnel grounding testers to get instant notifications in case of ground failures.

    That’s not all that we provide. Look for some reliable grounding hardware, continuous monitors, and measurement accessories from our exclusive product lines.