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    Plato for Excellent Quality Soldering Tools, Tips, And Accessories

    Plato for Excellent Quality Soldering Tools, Tips, And Accessories

    For high-quality, long-life, replacement soldering and desoldering tips, and a variety of electronic production accessories, you can always rely on Plato. The tools are made from oxygen-free, high-conductivity copper, and iron to assure long life. Plato manufactures the most popular soldering stations, tips, nozzles, and many more tools to be effective in all operations.

    The company has specialized in manufacturing soldering and desoldering tools to fit all of the most popular stations. The products offered from Plato include:

    • Liquid Dispensers offer a convenient way to dispense specific amounts of liquids without dripping, spilling, or waste.
    • Shear Cutters for effortless shearing actions, comfort, lightweight, and safety. These cutters require less effort and have a longer cutting life.
    • Comfort, light-weight Safe Lead Cutters for effortless lead cutting.
    • Top-quality Desoldering Tips that are portable, easy to use, and doesn’t require constant maintenance.
    • Lead-Free Tip Tinner for re-tinning the tips. These are residue-free and environmentally safe products and are very helpful in improving operator performance.
    • Soldering Pots for dipping electronics with through-hole leaded components.
    • Soldering Tips to provide precision in electronic soldering operations by delivering heat to smaller areas, without affecting the surroundings.

    Plato has been delivering first-hand products and tools for 50 years now. The long-life and environment safe products make it completely reliable. You can get the best soldering and desoldering tools at affordable prices with high quality at Plato.