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    Soldering Pots

    Soldering Pots

    GoKimco delivers excellent services, superior quality soldering, and desoldering tools like Soldering Pots at a reasonable cost. A solder pot is an extremely useful soldering station that can be the most effective method for removing and replacing components with a large number of leads (such as connectors, headers, and switches). It can also be used for tinning wires and mass soldering of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Besides this, you can also choose from a wide range of tools and equipment for all the soldering and desoldering applications.

    The range of products includes superior quality solder pots that ensure the quality and reliability for all the electronics industry applications.

    • Hakko FX300-03 Analog Solder Pot is a compact analog soldering pot that is lead-free-solder compatible. It provides quick heat-up and easy replacement of crucible and variable temperature control.
    • Hakko FX301B-03 Digital Solder Pot is designed with four different heating programs for optimum temperature settings. It comes with a ceramic heating element and a variable temperature control facility.
    • Esico Triton PE3600 Heating Element is designed for use with the Model 36T and 36T-LF Solder Pots. It is constructed using Ceramic and coil springs, providing long-lasting and consistent power delivery.
    • Esico Triton P3600 Model 36 Solder Pot is ideal for dip soldering of individual small parts, wire leads, etc. The cast-iron crucible is designed with thin lips for operator convenience, comfort, and high volume production.
    • Hakko FX301B-03 Digital Solder Pot is a compact digital soldering pot that is lead-free-solder compatible. It provides quick heat-up and easy replacement of crucible.
    • Esico Triton P800020-LF Lead-Free Adjustable Model is ideal for short-run soldering and desoldering through-hole printed circuit boards. It has an adjustable thermostat for selecting the optimum operating temperature.
    • Esico Triton PD74-LF Digital Lead-Free Solder Pot offers a large solder capacity which makes this pot ideal for soldering long leads and other applications requiring a deep pot.

    The list continues with several other solder pots that provide the ease of tinning the ends of stranded wires, dip-soldering, and other applications. All the equipment are completely reliable and provides you with the best services, to make your work easier.