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    Solder Paste

    Solder Paste

    To provide surface protection and to promote better wetting of the solder, GoKimco offers a wide range of superior quality Flux; and to maintain the proper specific gravity and solid content for the flux, we offer Thinners at affordable prices. You can also get Solder Paste to hold the surface mount components in one place. These are designed to efficiently carry out all the electronic printed circuit board applications. Also, the advanced formula materials packed in unique delivery systems ensure pinpoint accuracy.

    The wide range of exceptionally formulated solder paste, flux, and thinners ensures the quality and reliability of the products for the electronics industry. Here is the list of products you can shop from-

    • Kester No-Clean, Rework Flux is a high-viscosity, no-clean flux designed for electronic component rework and repair applications. It is most suitable for prototype work where only a small amount of flux is required on a specific area of a board or assembly.
    • Chip Quik Rework Solder Paste for providing high fluxing activity levels, promoting thermal stability, and preventing thermal degradation.
    • Kester Lead-Free, No Clean Solder Paste designed to be used in air and nitrogen atmospheres and handle the thermal requirements of lead-free alloys. It holds low voiding behavior and has the longest shelf life.
    • Kester Water Soluble Solder Paste is a halide-free, organic acid, water-soluble solder paste that provides users with the highest level of consistency and performance. The outstanding batch consistency, anti-slump chemistry, consistent print volumes, solderability, and cleanability make it an ideal water-soluble solder paste for any application.
    • Indium Halide-Free, Water Soluble Solder Paste has excellent wetting and solder joint appearance qualities. It holds outstanding slump resistance and is halogen-free.
    • RF741 Rework Flux is designed for electronic component rework and repair applications. This can be precisely dispensed onto a specific area that needs flux.

    You can shop from the extensive range of Solder Paste, Flux, and Thinners to get excellent results at cheap prices. All the products are produced to serve various applications with ease and accuracy.