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    Soldering Stations

    Soldering Stations

    GoKimco works to deliver excellent services, superior quality soldering, and desoldering tools, smoke and fume extraction systems, and technical training classes for all its customers. You can also get multipurpose, power Soldering Stations for electronic components soldering, electronics, and electrical engineering. The equipment is completely reliable and they come at affordable prices to provide you with the best services.

    Check out the list of all soldering stations we have for you.

    • Hakko FX951-66 ESD Safe Digital Soldering Station has superior heat transfer and thermal recovery features. It shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of no use.
    • Hakko FM203-01 ESD-Safe Dual Port Soldering System offers two soldering ports for a variety of soldering tools that can be used in a variety of combinations, including soldering irons and SMD hot tweezers.
    • Hakko FX801-02 Ultra Heavy Duty Soldering Station is the ideal soldering station for extremely large mass components, such as high current inductor coils, heat sinks, large transformers, shields, and other difficult solder applications where there is a significant amount of thermal inertia that must be overcome. The integrated handles on the station make it easy to move or carry.
    • Hakko FX-889 Dual Port Soldering Station w/2 Iron Holders has two independent ports, offering users two soldering stations with a full power output that can be used simultaneously. The station also features up to 5 users programmable presets for each port, digital calibration, password lockout, and low-temperature alarm.
    • Hakko FX888D Digital Soldering Station is an ESD-safe soldering station with digitally adjustable temperature control in a compact design. It offers fast thermal recovery.
    • Metcal MX-500S Soldering Rework Station utilizes smart heat technology, wherein each cartridge is equipped with a self-regulating heater that senses its temperature and closely maintains its pre-set idle temperature for the life of the heater-tip. It automatically senses the input line voltage and adjusts accordingly, which allows for worldwide operation without adaptors or a change in performance.

    If you are looking for some good products with high reliability and better services, shop from our elite product line.