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    Cost-Effective, High-Service Products from TechSpray

    Cost-Effective, High-Service Products from TechSpray

    Techspray formulates and manufactures a wide variety of chemicals and assorted support products for various industries. With the mission of making processes efficient and safer, and the products more reliable, Techspray develops every product to meet your requirements. You can purchase new technologies developed specifically to improve safety for both personnel and the surroundings. 

    In today’s competitive market, you need to rely on brands delivering efficient and latest services and products. Techspray gives its customer requirements the top-most priority and holds a long list of products to offer.

    • Adhesives to hold materials together and for other purposes.
    • Alcohols like Isopropyl Alcohol for stencil cleaning, light cleaning, tape head cleaning, and also as a thinner for most fluxes.
    • Brushes with horsehair, goat hair, and stainless steel bristles to provide precise cleaning of devices.
    • Cleaning Supplies such as glass and surface cleaners for better cleaning.
    • Conductive Pens to be used in the prototype, rework, and repair of circuit boards.
    • Conformal Coating and Coating Overcoat Pen to protect printed circuit boards from moisture, chemical, and extreme temperatures.
    • Cleaners for the mats, tabletops, glass, and floors.
    • Degreaser to cut grease, oil, dirt, and any other grime from the surface.
    • Desoldering Wick to remove solder which allows components to be replaced.
    • Flux Pens to perform any kind of solder rework applications.
    • Freeze Sprays for locating intermittently faulty electronics and electrical components. Also used for cooling PCB’s.
    • Hand Cleaners and Lotions to keep your hands safe and moisturized.
    • Solder Flux Paste is used in combination with solder powder to serve multiple purposes.
    • Non-corrosive, low odor Solder Masks to protect against oxidation.
    • Stencil Cleaner to remove solder pastes from the stencils.
    • Wipes for cleaning purposes and Swabs for cleaning and coating.

    Techspray produces advanced products for the electronics industry, heavy industry, aviation, and plant and equipment maintenance. The brand features cleaners, freeze sprays, soldering tools, and much more at an affordable price range.