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    Solder, Flux, Paste & Wire

    Solder, Flux, Paste & Wire

    GoKimco is one of the World’s leading suppliers of ergonomic, electronics grade hand tools, soldering equipment, pastes, wires, etc. The products are designed to serve a variety of markets including- aerospace, industrial electronics, jewelry manufacturing, plastic molding, and for hobbies and crafts purposes too. It aims at delivering the highest standard and good quality products that produce clean results with no requirement of post-cleanup. 

    Based on the material type and application, you can choose from a variety of tools available-

    • Kester Lead-Free, Silver-Free Alloy Bar Solder to control the grain structure within the solder joint and also minimize the dissolution of copper into the solder pot.
    • Activated Rosin Liquid Flux developed for fluxing applications where non-activated and mildly activated rosin fluxes are too inactive to remove metal oxides. Also, suitable for the soldering of electronic assemblies that require instant wetting and excellent capillary flow.
    • Flux Remover Pens to provide convenient touchup cleaning of flux residues.
    • No-Clean, Low Solids Soldering Flux that is designed for the wave soldering of conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies. It improves solderability, heat stability, and surface insulation resistance and offers the best wetting and the shiniest solder joints of any no-clean, solvent-based chemistry.
    • BonKote Refillable ESD-Safe Flux Dispensing Pen with a fine point nylon tip that allows accurate flux dispensing on the work area while eliminating dripping and flooding.
    • SMD Tack Flux is ideal for all solder & desolder rework applications, can be easily cleaned, and does not run all over PCB when applied.
    • Kester Lead-Free, No Clean Solder Paste designed to be used in air and nitrogen atmospheres and handle the thermal requirements of lead-free alloys.
    • Kester Wire Solder, 44 Activated Rosin for more with high-mobility and fast-spreading action that results in reliable production line soldering.
    • Chemtronics CM8 Solder Mask is a fast curing, easy to peel masking agent that protects component-free areas during wave soldering.

    Along with a wide range of soldering tools, shears, pastes, and wires, you can also shop from a variety of other available products at affordable prices. All the tools are produced to serve various industrial applications with ease and accuracy.