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    UV Inspection

    UV Inspection

    GoKimco offers a large selection of UV Inspection from Maxxeon for the electronic printed circuit board industry. Maxxeon designs and builds cordless, commercial-grade, rechargeable lighting tools with outstanding features. Each product is manufactured to provide superior results for your workplace. You can get a series of industrial rechargeable LED work lights, area lights, inspection lights, penlights, and headlamps at reasonable prices.

    Using advanced research and development techniques, the products are designed to serve their purpose efficiently. Here is a list of products you can shop for:

    • Maxxeon MXN00314 Work Start 314 UV Inspection Light that produces 520mW, features a 3X zoom lens, runs for 30 minutes at a time. It is designed to fit perfectly in your hands and pockets; is up to 20 times brighter than ordinary UV inspection lights. The new 3X zoom lens adds extra flexibility to adjust the beam width to suit the application. It is compatible with all (395nm) fluorescent leak detection dyes and is designed for daily use by professionals.

    There is a wide list of inspection lights and portable lightsticks you can get from Maxxeon. All the products are made with advanced features than current LED work lights to serve you better.