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    Get Superior Quality SMT Production Supplies, Solvents, And Other Products from JNJ Industries

    Get Superior Quality SMT Production Supplies, Solvents, And Other Products from JNJ Industries

    JNJ Industries have been producing great electronic and industrial cleaning products, environmental remediation supplies, and skincare products at reliable prices. It is a leading source provider for the components, solvents, and other consumable supplies that are essential to maintain the high-quality standards in electronic industries and industrial manufacturing processes.

    With hands-on experience, expertise, and capabilities, the company focuses on delivering custom products and solutions. Here is a list of products you can shop from JNJ Industries:

    • Aerosols for removing most types of inks, pastes, light oils, and other contaminants.
    • Isopropyl Alcohol & DI Water Cleaning Wipes to remove the contaminants associated with soldering, fluxes, printing, and other industrial cleaning applications.
    • Touch Screen Display Cleaner to clean the screen of tablets, laptops, cell phones, flat-panel TV screens, monitors, and other devices that use touch screen technology.
    • Hand cleaning Wipes that are effective in the removal of lead and other toxic metals from all surfaces, including your skin.
    • Metal Blades to provide a direct retrofit to the manufacturer’s conventional screw-mounted blades.
    • Universal Hand-Held Squeegee Holders made from gold anodized extruded aluminum with better holding capabilities.
    • Stencil Rolls for a variety of printers. These work excellent for vacuum-assisted wiper assemblies. 
    • Tough and absorbent Stencil Wipes ideal for cleaning fine pitch and standard pitch stencils.
    • Optismart Wipes are a perfect solution for today’s technology cleaning. These are great to be used for laptops, TV screens, camera lenses, and other electronics.

    You can shop for the most consistent and dependable products to optimize the industrial processes from JNJ Industries. Also, there exists a long list of cleaning supplies that can be used for various applications developed to cope up with the latest technologies.