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    SMT Production Supplies

    SMT Production Supplies

    To respect your uncompromising sense of integrity and duty, GoKimco delivers superior-quality, high-performance SMT Production Supplies. SMT manufacturing equipment is used to populate printed circuit boards (PCB) that use surface mount technology (SMT). Intending to deliver top-class, highly-reliable products, we focus on offering the products as per your requirements. The products are completely reliable and deliver technical perfection and innovation to meet your industrial needs. 

    Here is a list of SMT production supplies you can shop from GoKimco to meet your industrial needs-

    • ACL Urethane Conformal Coating provides a super tough coating with excellent chemical resistance and is an ideal choice for many general applications such as HVAC, fire alarms, relays, generators, motors, transformers, and battery-operated devices.
    • Techspray Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes is suitable for cleaning tape heads, removing flux, light oils, and white-mineral residue, fiber optics maintenance, and other light cleaning applications.
    • IPA Electronics Cleaner is excellent for defluxing, fiber optics maintenance, stencil cleaning, tool cleaning, tape-head cleaning, and other light-duty cleanings.
    • TechSpray Eco-Oven SMT Oven Cleaner that cleans reflow ovens, wave soldering systems, and associated heat exchanger systems by removing all types of flux residues.
    • ESD-Safe No-Clean Flux Remover is ideal for cleaning thru-hole, BGA, and SMT designs, and rinsing residues from connectors.
    • Loner Legacy Line SMT Hot Air Station is specifically designed for ROHS and Lead-Free applications where heavy duty and multi-layer boards require more power. The adjustable airflow provides precise application of hot air during work.
    • MicroCare MCC-BGA Stencil Cleaner with refillable pump spray for speedy stencil cleaning and removing all types of solder pastes, uncured chip bonder, and inks.
    • Ultraclean Under Stencil Cleanroom Wipes excellent for cleaning glass and ceramic substrates, CDs, instrumentation, tools, and the bottom of screens.

    Whether it’s static control products for ESD-protected areas, contamination control products for critical environments, or preparation products for PCB rework, repair, and prototyping, you can get them all at an affordable cost with excellent reliability.