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    ESD Meters & Testers

    ESD Meters & Testers

    At GoKimco you can shop for the best ESD handheld tools such as - ESD Meters and Testers to ensure the safety of your workplace. The product line features superior quality, high-performance, and reliable anti-static, ESD safe products. Here you can buy from specialized cleaning and static-control products which are used in diverse industries such as - automotive, medical devices, avionics, plastics, and telecommunications. The comprehensive family of products provides technicians and industry experts the edge they need for delivering exceptional results in every industry.

    You can shop for high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions, that include-

    • Desco 19282 Wrist Strap and Footwear Combo Tester that determines whether the operator’s personal grounding device is functioning correctly or not. It allows the operator to quickly test all personal grounding devices.
    • ACL Staticide 800 Digital Megohmmeter Kit designed to measure surface resistivity, resistance, temperature, and humidity on all anti-static, conductive, and static dissipative surfaces.
    • SCS 770760 Resistance Pro Meter Kit with large OLED display and measurement stability modes.
    • SCS CTM051 Ground Pro Meter is a comprehensive instrument that measures the ground connection of your equipment in accordance with Grounding standard. It also measures AC and DC voltage on the ground as well as the presence of high-frequency noise or electromagnetic interference on the ground.
    • Transforming Technologies 282CPS Charged Plate System to measure ionizer performance and correlates closely to charged-plate monitor test results.
    • ACL Staticide 300B Precision Electrostatic Analog Meter to measure the charges instantly. It is designed for close and repetitive readings and provides ground compensation for the user.
    • SCS 770045 EOS/ESD Assessment Kit is used to measure, verify, and qualify products for use in the ESD protected area in accordance with ESD Association documents. The kit consists of a handheld electrode, ESD event meter, air ionizer test kit, ground pro meter, ESD training paddles set, and resistance pro meter kit.
    • SCS 770758 Dual Combination Tester to determine whether or not the operator's personal grounding devices (wrist straps, foot grounders, ESD shoes, and smocks, etc.) are functioning correctly.

    Whether it’s static control products for ESD-protected areas, contamination control products for critical environments, or preparation products for PCB rework, repair, and prototyping, you can get them all from GoKimco at an affordable cost.