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    Metal -Out Static Shielding Bags

    Metal -Out Static Shielding Bags

    Looking for the high-performance, superior quality tools to achieve the highest degree of productivity at your workplace? Don’t worry, you can get them all in one place. GoKimco offers everything from precision cleaning solutions to repair tools, packaging materials, static shielding bags, and more. You can purchase from a range of metal-out static shielding bags that have the layer of metal closer to the outside surface of the bag between the polyester and the abrasion-resistant coating. These have a lower surface resistance which can dissipate a static charge faster than metal in bags. This can be important for some applications.

    You can decide from the wide list of products including-

    • SCS 1501624 Metal-Out Open-Top Static Shielding Bags designed to provide a static-safe packaging for the shipment and storage of ESD sensitive items including outside ESD protected areas. The bags are heat sealable and help to minimize the penetration of electric fields.
    • SCS 150812 Metal-Out Open-Top Static Shielding Bags provide a static-safe packaging for the shipment or storage of ESD sensitive products. The proprietary top coating of the bag is designed to protect the metal layer.
    • SCS 1501014 Metal-Out Open-Top Static Shielding Bags have a protective coated aluminum metal outer layer of the laminated film; this promotes a more rapid discharge of static fields creating the event which then attenuates the metal layer. If RF field sensitivity is an issue, metal-out bags may be unsuitable.

    All the bags are designed to protect the products against static induced damage. You can shop from various available types of metal-in and metal-out static shielding bags at affordable prices from GoKimco.