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    If you have a question that’s not answered, please contact us at 800-521-9197 or sales@gokimco.com and one of our customer service representatives will assist you!

    Q.  How do I order from Kimco Distributing?
           A:  You can place your order anytime online through this website.  You can also call and place an order with a customer sales representative, 800-521-9197.  You can email your order to sales@gokimco.com.  Or, you can fax your order to 440-255-2168.

    Q.  What type of payment methods does Kimco Distributing accept?
           A:  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check, Money Order, PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon Checkout and Terms.  Terms can be extended to repeat customers with approved credit.  If you wish to set up Terms (Net 30) with Kimco Distributing, please email or fax 3 trade credit references to sales@gokimco.com and/or 440-255-2168.

    Q.  Does Kimco Distributing have a minimum order policy?
           A:  Yes.  Kimco has a $50 minimum order.
    Q.  When will my order be shipped?
           A:  Ship dates are estimated based on inventory levels and manufacturer stock.  Upon placing an order a Kimco Distributing Representative will contact you if your order will take longer than the next business day to ship. (Within 24 hours)  In most cases, orders placed generally ship on the same business day.

    Q.  How are Shipping Charges calculated for my order?
            A:  Shipping charges are not included in the price of the product.  Shipping charges will be added after the order has been placed. There is a $25 Hazardous Material Fee which will be applied for those specific products that appear in this category.  Due to large variances in freight amounts for our product types (weight, haz-mat and/or geographic locations ) it is difficult to determine exact shipping charges prior to shipment.  Therefore, all credit card orders submitted will be authorized (only) for the actual purchase price plus and an additional provisional amount of 20% to allow for pending shipping charges.  However, upon settlement and billing to the actual credit card account, only the actual purchase price and the actual shipping amount will be billed to the card.  This is a courtesy policy to prevent re-billing for additional shipping amounts and eliminate any confusion to our customers.

    Q.  How do I bill my Shipping charges to my UPS or FedEx account?
           A:  Simply advise us of your request, making sure to enter your UPS or FedEx account number in the designated area at Checkout.  Also, please be sure to indicate what type of service you require (overnight, next day P1 or P2, 2-day or 3 day service.

    Q.  I have lost my User ID and/or my Password.
           A:  Your User ID is the email address you used when you placed your order.  Please click here if you have lost your password and we will e-mail it to you.

    Q.  How do I know if my order was submitted correctly?
           A:  Email confirmations are always sent to the email address you specified when you placed your order.  Also, copies of orders placed online are available to you in your account.  Log in with your User ID and Password to access copies of orders placed online.

    Q.  How do I know if my items are in stock?
           A:  Approximately, 85% of orders we receive Monday through Friday ship within 24 hours.  Sometimes, shipment may be delayed.  We will notify you via telephone or email if your products are not available for shipment within seven (7) from the date of order placement.

    Q.  How will I be notified regarding my order’s delivery status?
          A: If your order is to ship via UPS, you will be emailed a tracking number once it becomes available.  You will also receive a separate email once your order physically leaves our facility.

    Q.  How is my information kept private?
           A:  Kimco Distributing is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers.  We do not sell, rent, or loan any personally identifiable information regarding our customers.  Any information you provide is used solely for purposes of filling your order.

    Q.  Why was my credit card declined?
           A:  The most frequent reason for a credit card being declined is due to an error with the billing address.  If the billing address entered does not match the address to which your credit card statement is delivered then it is declined.  If you are uncertain about the correct address, contact your credit card issuer and discuss this matter directly with them.