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    ASG How does a torque driver work and why do I need this for PCB Assembly

    asg_torque_driversASG torque driver 64110 CL-4000 is designed to create connections that are gauged to the correct tightness. Delicate equipment can be destroyed if too much or too little screw tightness is involved. The AG 64110 CL -4000 torque screw driver and other industrial equipment are designed to carry a certain level of force. If it is pushed beyond this limit it might break. The ASG 64107 CL-2000 makes building anything in a factory or work shop easier and more efficient. ASG Torque Driver_64116_2The PCB tool provides an on off push system for the driver and it automatically performs offering a faster assembly and a more efficient twist. These tools can operate with internal or external power sources. Without correct calculations it is easy for a product to leave a facility damaged. With a precision ASG 64107 CL-2000 equipment is safely put together and it is easier on the employee with good tools. For over 35 years ASG has been making quality assembly tools. Some people ask the question, why ASG how does a torque driver work and why do I need this for PCB Assembly? On an assembly line there is no time for continuously checking the settings on a screwdriver or wondering if the tightness is just right. Your money is on the line and so is the safety of your customers. The ASG torque driver 64110 CL-4000 assures the tightness and lets the product assembly move quickly along the assembly line. Providing the best products possible for people in the manufacturing industry, customers with home projects also enjoy the efficiency of the ASG torque driver. No matter what the assembly project using the best tools makes the difference.
    • Calculated callibration
    • Three torque ranges
    • Prevents over-torquing
    Utilizing the right tool for the right task is absolutely essential for any important project. The ASG 64110 CL-4000 torque screwdriver provides an efficient and effective tool for a wide range of assembly projects, especially for those that require absolute precision. The ASG torque driver is exactly what hobbyists and professionals need for their assembly needs.
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