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    JnJ Flux Removers Clean PCBs the Easy Way

    Whenever working with circuit boards and PCB's it is nice to have a clean surface that is not dingied up with flux and other residue from paste. Cleaning these boards will help to not only see what you are doing much better, but also give a better surface to solder and attach electrical parts to. Electronic wipes like JnJ flux removers give you a tremendous advantage over brushes and other pastes. To use these electronic smart wipes it very easy to do. Since they are made of non-abrasive materials they will not cause small imperfections or scratches within the circuit board. The JnJ brand of smart wipes and flux removers work great on tough organic contaminants such as soldering oils, waxes, and other similar soils found in electronic assembly manufacturing. Using them is simply a matter of lightly wiping the parts clean of any debris and impurities. Smart wipes like the JNJ SW100AFR Semi Aqueous Paste & Flux Remover SmartWipes and the JNJ SW100PFR Solder Paste & Flux Remover SmartWipes are not only for use to clean up the dirt and grime from shipping or other manufacturing. They are also a great way to clean up any mistakes, or messes from your own soldering projects. It doesn't matter if you are working on a large circuit board to replace a component or building a complete PCB yourself. A quick wipe and it is taken care of quickly and without a lot of mess from cleaners and paste. Check out the online catalog at GoKimco.com for more information on these flux removers and how you can get them shipped directly to your door.
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