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    Best Tools for ESD Event Detection

    We’ve harped on it time and time again: Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) prevention is so important! Electronic build-up that is undetectable to humans still has the capability to damage or even destroy your electrical equipment.

    If not properly maintained, ESD damage can really set you back in terms of production cost and time. In fact, the ESD Association estimates that the cost of losses due to ESD ranges between half a billion dollars to $5 billion each year. This is because ESD damage can be tricky to detect. Some devices stop working altogether (known as catastrophic failure) while others experience partial damage over time that cause an overall drop in efficiency (known as a latent defect).

    If there were a way to save yourself cost and labor in the long run, would you do it? Of course you would! The good news is that there are ways to save cost and labor when it comes to ESD prevention, and it starts with detection. Here are three of our most recommended products for detecting, measuring and monitoring ESD events so you can ensure that the ESD control program you have in place is working:

    1. SCS CTM082 Pro ESD Event Indicator

    The SCS CTM082 both detects and counts ESD events for control program troubleshooting and improvement. The four-digit display counts the number of ESD events that have occurred at or above the alarm threshold and resets every time the power is turned off. Get as close as you can to the suspected source of the ESD event and use the indicator to detect and measure its relative strength. When the strength of an event exceeds the set threshold, the LED will turn red. Shop the SCS CTM082 here.

      2. SCS CTM048-21 ESD Events Sensor Meter

    This user-friendly and portable meter serves as a measuring instrument for most ESD signals and measures the magnitude of ESD events. It can also estimate the magnitude for CDM, HBM and MM models. The device’s touch screen allows users to easily navigate through the features and the speaker and headphone alarm outputs allow you to use it in a noisy place. The microsSD card within the device can log data and then be exported to an Excel sheet for quick analysis. Buy the SCS CTM048-21 here.

    3. SCS 770063 EM Aware Monitor, Field & Ionization, Ethernet Output

    The SCS 770063 is compatible with the SCS Static Management Program (SMP) and through it, collects data including ESD event count, changes in the static voltage field and ionizer performance. Because of this, it is able to identify problematic environments and qualify tools for handling ESD-sensitive devices. This monitor, as well as all the products listed, meets the requirements of S20.20, which states that continuous monitoring should be considered or even mandated. The data collected by device allows you to see overall trends and improve the efficiency and quality of your ESD control.  Shop the SCS 770063 here.

    As always, if you have questions about any of the products listed, be sure to contact us and we'd be happy to help!

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