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    PCBs and ESD: How to construct a work area that prevents Electrostactic Discharge

    esd_symbol_lElectricity follows the path of least resistance, which is the epitome of why ESDs occur. A short between two charged units creates a weaker path that electricity will take advantage of every time. An example is a lightening strike. Static electricity is attracted to us. Simply walking across a floor can cause a static buildup or even an ESD event. Electrical components are fragile and even a small ESD can cause severe damage. Work area construction practices play a part in preventing ESD from occurring, and those practices begin with prevention. Work Station Tools that help prevent ESD How the work station is constructed is half of the battle when it comes to preventing ESD. That process is not always within our control. The good news is that there are ways to compensate for construction deficits.

    - Work areas should include a humidity control unit. Humidity plays a large role in electricity build up. There are plenty of aftermarket humidity control units and humidifiers available.  GoKimco does not offer specific models, but if you need help in finding one call us at (800) 521-9197 or email us.

    - Flooring surfaces should be covered with non-conducting flooring finish in work areas and ESD Safe Anti-fatique mats at the workbench or the area designated as the work location or bench. These mats will dissipate static build up before a ESD event occurs.

    - Work surfaces should also be covered using either an anti-static mat or a bench mat with a grounding cord. Both help to prevent static electricity build up that can occur was clothing rubs together.

    Grounding straps for personnel are also essential. Grounding heel straps or wrist straps work well to eliminate static build up that naturally occurs on people.

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    The human body is a magnet for static electricity. Using preventative products to reduce static build up is an easy and cost effective way to avoid ESD events. Most of these products are not expensive. Most are easy to install. All of them do a good job of preventing EDS.  Visit our website for a full list of ESD Control products available from GoKimco.
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