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    Why does a Hakko Soldering tip last so long and work so well?

    Why does a Hakko Soldering tip last so long and work so well?

    At GoKimco.com, we carry a full line of Hakko soldering tips, which are considered some of the best in the industry. When it is time to replace a tip, many customers ask us why they should use a Hakko OEM soldering tip, rather than an after-market one. We recommend using Hakko-brand tips for two reasons: they offer better heat transfer and have a higher quality construction than non-OEM tips. Heat transfer in soldering is extremely important. Poor thermal conductivity impedes the ability to solder components, and can be a source of aggravation, and can reduce the quality of a project. Kimco Distributors carries Hakko replacement tips, because we believe in giving our customers the tools they need to succeed. If we had only inferior soldering tips that have lower heat transfer rates, our customers would be unable to consistently perform high quality work. Hakko soldering tips have thicker plating than most non-OEM tips. On average, we have found that Hakko desoldering nozzles are about twice as thick as other manufacturers. Hakko’s higher quality construction prolongs the life of the tip, without impeding its heat transfer. Even if Hakko tips and nozzles cost a little more than other options, they tend to last much longer. The investment in a quality tool is a wise decision, and translates into long-term savings. Customers who visit GoKimco.com in need of Hakko replacement tips have already recognized the importance of quality construction. They use a Hakko-brand soldering station, because they understand how well-made tools impact workflow and the end product’s construction. We recommend continuing to invest in high quality tips and using Hakko-manufactured replacement parts. Tip Finder
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