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    What is Polyimide Tape and What are its Applications?

    What is Polyimide Tape and What are its Applications?

    Polyimide tape, also called polyimide film or Kapton tape, is primarily used in electrical applications but also any other applications where reliable and durable performance is required. It can withstand extremely harsh environments and has a temperature range of -452 degrees F to 752 degrees F, even leaving minimal residue after removal. This is the material of choice for people in many different industries. In basic terms, if you need a tough, durable and long lasting tape, this is the stuff for you.

    There are many different applications for Kapton tape, but here are some of the most common:

    • Electronic Manufacturing

    Due to its ability to withstand heat, polyimide tape is most commonly found in electronics manufacturing and serves as an insulated and protective layer over sensitive components. Even after coming into contact with a soldering iron, the tape will not melt or stretch.

    • 3D Printing

    The material commonly used in 3D printing is known as ABS, and it adheres to Kapton extremely well, making Kapton the preferred choice in building 3D printers.

    • X-Ray

    Again, Kapton’s ability to withstand extreme heat makes it the preferred material for different kinds of X-Ray processes. Kapton can also withstand the high radiation environments found in X-Rays, making it the number one choice in these applications.

    • Spacecraft & Aircraft

    The spacecraft and aircraft industries commonly use polyimide tape for insulation of the wings since it can endure the most intense and extreme environments. In the spacecraft industry, the tape is also used on space blankets, which can help with thermal control of the spacecraft and can also be used by people.

    • Auto

    Professionals in the auto industry may use polyimide tape for parts of automobiles that come in contact with heat such as switches, diaphragms, coils and sensors.

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