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    So Many Soldering Tips, Which One is Right & What Temperature?


    Kimco Distributing Corp. has hundreds of soldering tips available. With such a selection, every microelectronics business should be able to find the right tips that suit their work. Selecting that tip, however, can be overwhelming.

    There are two questions companies can ask to narrow down the selection of soldering tips they should be looking at to a manageable size.

    What manufacturer made the soldering equipment we use?
    Kimco Distributing carries soldering tips from a variety of manufacturers, including Edsyn, Hakko, Metcal, OK International PACE, Plato and Weller. In order to reduce compatibility issues, businesses should purchase tips made by the same company as their equipment.

    What size and shape tips should we purchase?
    Among the hundreds of tips available from Kimco Distributing Corporation, virtually any size and shape can be found. We have a previous post that will help anyone who needs advice answering this question.

    Once these questions have been answered, companies should consider the temperature at which their soldering work is performed. Many of Kimco Distributing Corp.’s soldering tips are meant to be used within the 600 - 800⁰F range, but even within this range there is a variety of applications. Tips that are designed to be used between 600 and 700⁰F work best for jobs that involve only single layer or double-sided PC boards. These lower temperatures afford enough strength for these PC boards, and they are often easier to work with than 800⁰F. Tips designed for soldering at 800⁰F, however, should be used on jobs involving multiple PC boards, especially if more than four are involved.

    After considering these factors, businesses should feel confident in their selection of soldering tips. If any further assistance is needed, the staff at Kimco Distributing will gladly assist in the decision-making process.

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