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    Static Shielding Bags: Providing Protection in All Situations



    Static shielding bags create ESD-safe environments for valuable electronic parts. In addition to carrying static control bags manufactured by Desco and 3M, Kimco Distributing Corporation is pleased to announce a new line of affordable ESD control bags. K-Stat is Kimco Distributors’ new line of bags. With these new K-Stat shielding bags, Kimco Distributors hope to offer businesses that work with electronics an affordable alternative to the brand-name bags, without sacrificing quality.

    Although their sizes and openings differ, all static shielding bags carried by Kimco Distributing Corp. have are manufactured in a similar way. They typically have three or four layers. The outermost layer is a static dissipative coating, which covers a polyester layer. Some people count these two layers as one, thus the discrepancy in three or four layers. The next inner layer is a metal shield, often made of aluminum. The final layer on the inside is another static dissipative layer, but this one is made of a polyethylene.

    Having said the ESD control bags carried by Kimco Distributors are all similar, there are three differences worth noting. First, some bags have an open top, while others have a zip-lock that allows you to easily close the bag. Second, some bags are “metal-in,” which means the metal is on the inside, while others are “metal-out,” which means the metal layer is on the outside. Finally, static control bags vary in transparency.

    These layers work together to eliminate static charges in a variety of situations. Companies use ESD control bags to store valuable parts. These bags are also used to protect components during transport. In any situation where an ESD-safe environment cannot be created, these bags from Desco, 3M or Kimco Distributing provide protection. In ESD-safe environments, they provide another level of insurance.