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    Feature Brand of the Month - Kester Soldering Products


    With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Kester is a leading global supplier of higher performance interconnecting materials and related services for the electronic and semiconductor assembly markets.Kester has established itself as one of the most respected welding product manufacturers in the industry, and Kimco Distributing is pleased to offer Kester’s products. Because Kester focuses on providing supplies for the micro-electronic and semiconductor assembling industry, their products are among the best available for those purposes. Kimco Distributing Corporation has a full line of Kester’s products. As a primary distributor for Kester Products, Kimco can offer you their quality products at a VERY LOW PRICE plus we stock the items you want for FAST Shipping.

    Kimco Distributing Corp.’s best selling Kester products are their wire solders. Many of the flux-cored wire solders have an instant “wetting behavior,” which makes working with them simple. Because these wire solders spread quickly, they are perfect for fast-paced assembly situations. Businesses often use them in assembly lines, because they are reliable and can be quickly applied. In addition to their viscosity, Kester’s wire solders are compatible with a variety of different metals.

    (Those who know exactly what solder they need are able to search the site by product number. Kimco Distributors has Kester wire solders with product numbers: 2460400027, 2463370010 , 2463370027, 2463376401, 2463376403, 2463376411, 2463378800, 2463378807 and 2470687601.)

    In addition to the Kester wire solder Kimco Distributing carries solid bar solder, flux, flux remover and defoamer. Solid bars of solder are sold by the bar. Customers looking for flux, however, have several sizes to choose from. In addition to these, Kester’s defoamer is available in a 5-gal. container, and their flux remover comes in a 1-gal. size.

    Kester has been around since 1929, when the company transitioned from Chicago Solder Company to Kester, Inc. Few other companies have as long a history as Kester does in the microelectronics industry, and Kimco Distributing is proud to provide their products.

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