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    Different Electronics Assembly Adhesives, Which Type Do We Use?

    03-03-2012-07When connecting parts of electronic devices together, there are a few different kinds of electronics assembly adhesives you can use. The kind which is right for you will depend on your needs. It is important to look at the three main kinds of adhesives so that you will be able to decide which of the brands will meet your needs the best. After you have decided on the overall type of adhesive that you will need for any device, you will be able to decide on the product brand. Make sure that you are putting the cost of the product last. You do not want to suffer on quality just so that you can save a little on price. Epoxies Using an epoxy is a great way to offer a way to encapsulate components as well as to protect against thermal damage and electrical damage. These come in forms of clear gels which have flexible properties to the tapes which can allow you easy access to adhesive when you need it. Because of the nature of the epoxy, it is also possible for you to enjoy flame resistance whenever you have devices which might be in an environment where flames are possible. We have an extensive line of Loctite Epoxies for various electronic assembly, or automotive applications. Urethanes Urethanes are perfect for adding a shell to your device. These are perfect for those needing to offer protection from chemicals while maintaining electric conductivity. These are in a liquid form, but dry to be a flexible shell which protects and offers options in most environments. Silicones Another way to encapsulate devices is to use silicones. These offer protection in low and high temperature environments. These electrically conductive adhesives can provide protection without any priming of the area. These are perfect for use in general purpose as well as in specialized environments. We supply a variety of Loctite Silicones, as well as Circuit works and others.
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