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    Great Selection of Loctite Dispenser Systems at Kimco

    When working with any type of assembly there is the need for solid bonding, sealing, and adhesion that must be applied with precision and little waste. Kimco is proud to introduce the new Loctite Dispenser Systems which allow users to do their assembly projects with little problem and no waste. As we have worked with the different items in our own testing of the products we have continued to see over and over again the quality and durability of each system. Everything from the Loctite 97001 Hand Pump to the 97132 Vari-Drop Applicator were well received, worked great, and led to almost no mess left behind. While they can be used with different types of applications, these Loctite tools are great for garage work, assembly work, laboratory work, and within industrial settings. Combining two different chemicals for a strong epoxy bond, giving just the right amount of material at a time, or helping the user switch from different sized canisters are all a part of what Loctite dispenser systems can do. Kimco.com carries an extensive line of Loctite dispenser systems as well as the accessories and spare parts to make sure they continually operate on a high level. There are manual applicators, pneumatic dispensers, and syringe dispensers that all have a specific purpose and job function. Check out the line of Loctite products at the Kimco.com website today and look through the different tool and adhesives. You are sure to find what you need at a price you can afford.
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