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    LED Lighting is making a Green impact on Electronic Manufacturing and Repair

    OC White 82400-4-B  

    “It’s big. It’s Green. And, it has a clamping arm magnifier!” While this may sound like the legend of the monster that lives under the bed being retold in an elementary school cafeteria, it is far from such a thing. These are the main selling points of O.C. White’s Green-Lite Arm Magnifier, which is one of many LED lighting solutions available from Kimco.

    Clamping onto a table edge, this is not for frying little munchkins below a laser beam – microelectronics businesses have welding equipment for that. (Kimco is still working on finding a laser-beam welding unit. Currently the best tool we have for grossing out schoolgirls while frying bugs with Calvin and Hobbes is Weller’s WX2020 Soldering Station).

    Rather, the Green-Lite Arm Magnifier (O.C. White part number 82400-4B) is a large, adjustable magnifying glass with lights. Even though it is made by a company called O.C. White and painted black, this magnifying unit is green. It features LED lights, which save money when compared to traditional halogen magnifying lights. These LED lights are cooler and use much less energy than traditional lights, and they meet all energy-star requirements.

    This adjustable magnifier also features:

    • The highest lumen output in a lighted magnifier
    • Reduced glare
    • Optical-grade magnifying glass

    Over time, switching to an energy-star approved table-clamp magnifier, like this one from Kimco, will save companies money on both power and light bulbs. Perhaps the savings can be set aside, so businesses can purchase that laser-beam soldering iron, when we find it.

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