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    Solder without Cleaning Using Kester 24-6337-8809

    If you are looking to get good results out of the soldering you are doing, you will likely want something which will allow you to solder without having to clean. This is what you will find with Kester 24-6337-8809. This will help you to be able to get a product which you can trust to solder with. At Kimco, we can provide you with everything you will need so that you will be able to find this and everything else you need to solder with. If you are working with low residue liquid fluxes like those being used in the electronics industry, you will benefit greatly from Kester 245 no-clean cored wire. The wire allows you to use a product which uses many of the principles which have been used in mildly activated rosin fluxes. The residue which remains is highly reliable. You will not have to clean the product when you are finished as it will have an acceptable appearance. The minimal residue allows you to have an attractive, clean looking appearance. It can be used with leaded and lead-free alloys to offer you more versatility. Whenever you visit our catalog at Kimco, you will find this and other products you will need for soldering and a variety of different activities. You will be able to count on us to provide you with the products you need when you order them. We keep these items in stock at all times to ship your order faster. We normally ship orders within the same day that they are received. We look forward to sending you your order as soon as possible.
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