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    Enjoy the Simple Design of the Weller WLC100

    Soldering equipment comes in all shapes and size and here at Kimco, we supply it all. If you are a hobbyist and you are looking for a reliable soldering station, you will be able to find everything that you need in the Weller WLC100. This soldering station comes from one of the leaders in the soldering industry, Weller. It has an easy to read indicator light to let you know that the unit is on and the pencil is hot. It provides reliable heat through the iron plated copper tip of the attached pencil. The range for the WLC100 Solder Station is 5 to 40 watts. This will allow you to have more control over the heat that you will use whenever you are working on different projects. When not being used, the pencil can safely be stored in the iron pencil holder. This will help to protect you from burns as well as stop any accidental fires from getting started. Right below the holder is the natural sponge which will help you to keep the tip of your pencil clean at all times. The heating element on the pencil that comes with the Weller WLC100 Solder Station is replaceable. This way you will get an even longer life from the foam grip handle. While the unit is small, it can still produce up to 900˚ F. Kimco offers many Weller WLC100 models. You can get yours today to help you with all of the projects that you have planned.
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