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    Protect Your Gear with ESD Totes, Bins, & Boxes

    There are times when you will not be using certain pieces of equipment. Rather than leaving it out in the open, it is a good idea to make sure that you will be able to get it safely from one place to another. This is when you will need the right kinds of ESD Totes, Bins, & Boxes. At Kimco, we understand your need and we make sure to carry all of the different things that you will need so that you will be able to carry equipment or store it properly as you might find that you need. The ESD Totes, Bins, & Boxes that we have in stock will help you to be able to be better organized or to bring your work home with you. The containers that we sell will allow you to protect your equipment from static as well as from bumps and drops. These different organizational tools are perfect for the home hobbyist as well as a professional clean room. At Kimco, we offer a wide range of different kinds of ESD Totes, Bins, & Boxes that you will be able to order. To get a feel for all of the different designs and styles that we offer, we welcome you to take a look at everything that we have to offer. You will find that we have exactly what you are looking for and with large stock, you will not have to worry about us not having what you are ordering.
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