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    Desoldering Wick

    Desoldering Wick

    Looking for the tools to achieve the highest degree of reliability and productivity? Then choose from the best services and tools at GoKimco. You can shop from a wide range of Desoldering Wicks to remove solder with great ease. All the available wicks are highly reliable, cheap, and easy to use and work well for removing solder from flat surfaces. The tools offer precision cleaning solutions to repair tools for electronics, electrical, and telecommunications industries.

    GoKimco has always focused on delivering the greatest amount of performance to its customers. You can decide from the wide list of products including-

    • Chemtronics 80-4-10 Soder-Wick is the fastest, safest rosin flux desoldering braid designed for today’s heat-sensitive electronic components using lighter mass, pure copper braid construction that allows for better thermal conductivity, even at low temperatures.
    • Chemtronics 80-3-10 Soder-Wick that minimizes the risk of heat damage to the boards and also the damage associated with static electricity.
    • ESD-Safe Lead-Free Desolder Braid is engineered for high temperature, lead-free solders, and transfers heat to the solder joint more quickly and efficiently than conventional desoldering braids.
    • Chem-Wik Rosin Desolder Braid is a fast and safe rosin flux desoldering braid for removing solder from leads and components.
    • Chemtronics Soder-Wick 40-3-10 minimizes the risk of damage associated with static electricity and does not leave ionic contamination on the boards.
    • Soder-Wick No Clean Desolder Braid is a fast, safe no clean flux desoldering braid packaged in a dissipative bobbin that minimizes the risk of heat damage to the boards.
    • Techspray No-Clean Desoldering Braid that is used to remove solder which allows components to be replaced and excess solder to be removed.
    • Techspray Unfluxed Desoldering Braid with anti-static bobbin is used in facilities that use water-soluble flux or their own flux for aqueous processes.
    • EasyBraid OS-D-100 One-Step Desoldering Braid used in the rework and repair of printed circuit boards, computers, cell phones, or other electronics. These easily remove solder from components or pads on a circuit board.

    There is a long list of reliable, high-performance wicks meeting the industry’s innovative technologies, to shop from GoKimco. Here you can get product solutions for the electronics assembly, semiconductor, and automotive industries as well.