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Kester K100LD Bar Solder, Lead Free Ultra Pure, 1 2/3 lb. bars | 04-9574-0050


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Kester K100LD Lead Free Ultra Pure Bar Solder


The Kester 04-9574-0050 Ultrapure Lead-Free K100LD Bar Solder can be used in wave soldering, selective soldering systems and dip tinning operations. K100LD has the lowest dissolution of copper amonst all common solder alloys, including Sn63, SAC305, and other lead-free options.

Kester K100LD Features:

  • Lowest dissolution of Copper from boards and components
  • Bright, smooth solder joints similar to Sn63Pb37
  • Silver-Free Lead-Free alloy
  • Excellent through-hole penetration and top side fillets with virtually no bridging
  • Reduced leaching of solder pot metals
  • Lead level specified at <0.05% insure RoHS compliance

NOTE: Bars are 1-2/3 lbs, sold in 5 lb increments (3 bars). Price shown is per pound.

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Additional Information

Manufactured By: Kester
GoKimco Part #: K-0495740050
Manufacture Part Number (MPN): 04-9574-0050
Weight 5.0000
Country of Manufacture United States

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