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    Lead-Free Soldering at GoKimco.com

    Lead Free Soldering

    The Future of Soldering is Lead Free

    Lead-free soldering, though relatively new, has been gaining in popularity exponentially in recent years. With many companies and individuals concerned about environmental and health impacts of lead based soldering, there has never been a better time to make the switch.

    At Kimco, we pride ourselves in offering a wide array of Lead-free soldering products and accessories for lead free applications.

    This hub will provide you with a variety of helpful resources to help you lean more about Lead-free soldering applications. We look forward to assisting in your switch to lead free soldering products.

    What do I need to know about Lead Free?
    What do I need to know about Lead Free?

    As most companies start the slow transition to lead free solder over older methods of lead solder it is helpful to learn a thing or two about this relatively new technology. Though there have been many products made specifically for lead free solder applications, it was not until recently that many started to see the benefits of a fully lead free solder.


    Why switch to Lead Free?
    Why should my company switch to Lead Free?

    If circuits were living creatures, solder would be the blood cells. Without this valuable tool, many of the luxuries we take for granted (like computers, smartphones and GPS) wouldn't function. For more than a century, lead based solder has been the standard for connecting resistors and capacitors to a circuit.


    Our most popular Lead Free products
    New Lead Free products
    Five great stations for Lead Free soldering
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