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    SKU D-79210


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    The Desco 79210 Clear ESD-Safe Tape w/ Symbols offers low charging transparent cellulose film (2.4 mils thick) with high-tack rubber adhesive.

    79210 Features:

    • ESD symbols distinguish ESD-Safe version tapes from standard, non-ESD tapes

    • Surface Resistance 1 x 108 to < 1 x 1011ohms

    • Temperature Range 10°C - 71°C (14°F - 160°F)

    • Lead-Free RoHS Compliant

    • This tape also replaces the SCS formerly 3M part number 40PR-3/4

    • Wescorp tape generates less than 50 volts when unwound from roll (at 73°F, 45% RH average) making it safe to use around most ESD sensitive items*

    *All tapes will generate some amount of triboelectric charge when unwound from roll. Standard, non-ESD tapes typically generate more than 1000 volts when unwound from roll. If you require less voltage than 50 volts, a grounded tape dispenser or ionization is recommended when unrolling the tape.