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    by Kimco
    SKU EMIT-50424


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    Frequency of re-calibration should be based on the critical nature of those ESD sensitive items handled and the risk of failure for the ESD protective equipment and materials.  In general EMIT recommends that calibration be performed annually.

    Use th eEMIT 50424 Limit Comparator to perform periodic verification (once every 6-12 months) of the Desco Combo Tester X3, Combo Tester X3 Plus and EMIT SmartLog Pro.  The Limit Comparator can be used to ched the test limits of these testers without removing them from the factory floor.

    Featuers of the EMIT 50424 Limit Comparator:


    Use to perform periodic calibration testing of the:

    • Combo Tester X3 
    • Combo Tester X3 Plus
    • Smart Log Pro
    • Test at various resistance values using the selector knob
    • Use the toggle switch to test each foot circuit on the Smart Log Pro
    • Eliminate downtime by verifying on-site that your tester is operating within tolerances
    • Made in the United States of America