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    by Hakko
    SKU H-FG101B-03


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    The Hakko FG-101B Soldering Tester measures tip temperature, leak voltage, and tip-to-ground resistance. This tester will provide you with quick, accurate soldering measurements.
    Note: This product comes with a Calibration Certificate.

    Features of the Hakko FG101B-03:

    • Resistant to drift and ambient temperature variations.
    • Highly reliable and accurate measurements.
    • MAX HOLD function displays maximum value when MAX HOLD button is pressed.
    • Suitable for Lead-Free solder applications.
    • AUTO HOLD feature that ends measurements automatically once the tip temperature is stabilized.

    • Able to switch between °Fahrenheit and °Celsius

    NOTE: Leak voltage is that potential resulting from the small current ‘leaking’ from the tip of a soldering iron, even though the tip may be grounded. This current can damage sensitive components. The HAKKO FG-101B provides a quick and accurate means of measuring this leak voltage.

    This item replaces the FG101-10 and the FG101-16