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    by Hakko
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    SKU h-FX888D-23BY
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    The Hakko FX888D-23BY is an ESD-Safe Soldering Station with a digital adjustable temperature control in a compact design. The FX888D features adjustment and preset modes, a password function, separable tip/heater design, and full support for Hakko's N2 Nitrogen System.

      • Iron has a thin grip for ease of use
      • ESD-Safe
      • Fast thermal recovery
      • Selectable preset temperatures and digital calibration
      • Includes (1) T18-D16 Tip
      • FX888 and 936 Series Solder stations have been discontinued. The FX888D is the replacement. The FX888D also uses the same tips as the FX888 and 936 Series Soldering Stations

    Customer FAQ

    Q: Would you consider the Hakko FX888D more for beginners and hobbyists or is it
    an industrial tool?

    A: Though the price of the unit would make you feel that it’s not built to handle industrial application (where the station could be running 24/7); this is not the case for the FX888D. It is well qualified to be used for heavy duty applications, in addition to being a great unit for home use.

    Q: Can the FX888D be used for lead free applications requiring higher soldering temperatures?

    A: Absolutely, the FX888D is capable of handling lead free applications.

    Q: What does it mean when you say the station is ESD Safe?

    A: The soldering station is grounded from the soldering tip to ground. This assures that you will not build up a static charge that could damage delicate circuit board components.

    Q: How can I tell when I need to replace the soldering tip on my FX888D?

    A: If you maintain the soldering tip well, the tips can last a very long time. There’s a few things that cause the tips to fail and require replacements and they are as follows:

      • Pinhole in the plating due to wear from normal soldering.

      • Heavy oxides developing that can not be removed with wet sponge or 599 wire cleaning sponge. If oxides develop, it is recommended that you try refurbishing the tip by using a Hakko FT700

      • If you see that the tip is separating from the inner sleeve of the tip. This typically will happen only after very prolonged use of the tip and many thermal cycles.