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    by Kester
    SKU K-6400000979


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    The Kester 979 No-Clean VOC-Free Soldering Flux is most active VOC-Free for optimal top-side wetting and solderball reduction. Apply by spray or dip.

    Kester 64-0000-0979 Features:

      • Flux Type: VOC-Free, No-Clean
      • For Use with Lead-Free Solder
      • Specific Gravity: 1.016 ±0.010
      • Compliant Specifications: Telcordia Issue 1 GR-78-CORE & IPC/J-STD-004 Flux designator ORLO
      • Residue Removal Method (not normally required): Wash with hot de-ionized water at 140-160°F with 2% solution of Kester #5768 Bio-Kleen® saponifier

    Kester SDS for 979 Soldering Flux

    Kester TDS for 979 Soldering Flux