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    SKU L-720228


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    The Loctite 720228, formerly 98472, 50 ml Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator is a hand-held, manually operated meter-mix dispenser.

    Loctite 720228 is a 50 ml dual cartridge manual applicator used exclusively for products packaged in 10:1 S-type cartridges. It accepts static mix nozzles 1034575 (sold separately in packs of 10). The new S cartridge design incorporates a stronger attachment flange and separate cylinders to allow for higher dispensing pressures. An interface with separated outlets between cartridge and static mix nozzle eliminates the possibility of cross contamination and avoids plugged cartridges.

    • Suits 2-part 50 ml packs supplied in S-type cartridges
    • New S-cartridge design allows for higher dispensing pressures
    • Separated outlets eliminates possibility of cross contamination

    Loctite 720228 Features:

    • Dispensers are compatible with 1:1 and 1:2 mix ratio products
    • Includes 1:1 and 2:1 plungers

    Formerly part number 98472