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    by Menda
    SKU MEN-35100


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    The Menda 35100 Circuitracer® Voltage and Continuity Tester tests continuity on dead circuits and voltages from 2V to 500V AC or DC. Indicator lamp at tip allows you to keep eyes on probe. Comes with two interchangeable bulbs for low-voltage (0 to 70V) and high-voltage testing (60 to 500V).

    Menda 35100 Features and Benefits:

    • 3 Modes for continuity and voltage testing:
      • Mode 1: Continuity tester for unpowered circuits. 0-10 ohms, uses lamp with batteries
      • Mode 2: Voltage tester 60-600 volts AC or DC when lamp is used without batteries
      • Mode 3: Voltage tester 0-60 volts AC or DC when various lamps are used without batteries
    • Range: 0-600 volts or 1-10 ohms
    • Probe voltage: 3 volts at 270 ma maximum
    • Low voltage lamp tests unpowered circuitry
    • Illuminated lamp is easy to confirm electrical circuit continuity
    • High voltage lamp tests live circuitry