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    by Menda
    SKU MEN-35852


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    The Menda 35852 ESD-Safe High Performance Vacuum with Hepa Filter is great for cleaning debris from surface mount, pick and place, board routers / handlers and other equipment in your ESD protective areas.

    Menda 35852 Features:

      • 99.97% efficient @ .3 micron HEPA filtration; for lead, glass, pollens, soot, etc.

      • ESD protected utensils include: hose, gooseneck, crevice tool, crevice attachment brush, round brush

      • Suction power at the end of the hose is about 50 inches of water

      • Only 6.5 lbs. with all utensils

      • Power Cord is 10’

      • Great for field service applications

      • Path-to-ground less than 1 x 1011ohms resistance

      • Lead-free RoHS compliant

    Made in the USA