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    by Pace
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    SKU P-1121-0943P5


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    The Pace SX-90 IntelliHeat Desoldering Iron Sodr-X-Tractor is the solder extraction handpiece for high volume operations.
    One of the most important aspects for successful solder removal is the selection of the proper size tip. There are several points to keep in mind.
    1. The Inside Diameter (I.D.) of the tip must be large enough to fit over the lead, while providing sufficient room so that air and solder can be drawn through the tip.
    2. The Outside Diameter (O.D.) of the tip must be slightly smaller than the diameter of the pad to prevent tip contact to the board laminate and minimize the possibility of damage.

    PACE 1121-0943P5 SX-90 Desoldering Removal Tips

    • Precision

    • Lead-Free

    • Inside Diameter: 1.02mm (0.04")

    • Outside Diameter: 2.29mm (0.09")

    • Package of 5

    Made in the USA