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    Clean Your TLS220 With Brady Pck-5 Cleaning Wipes

    In the world of industrial, commercial, or service oriented businesses there is the need for specialized equipment that can be used in many different instances. The Brady TSL2200 labeling system is a tool that is used within the electrical field to create labels for organizing circuits, large panels of cables, and other electronic applications. Along with this type of work - some of it out in the weather - the TSL2200 can get quite dirty. Kimco recommends the Brady pck-5 cleaning cards to keep the mobile label maker in quality working order. These cleaning cards are perfect for anyone who is making use of the Brady TSL2200 label maker. As repairman are in the field, installers are working in less than ideal environments, and assembly workers go about their business, the label maker can become clogged with ink, dust, and other foreign objects. Keeping the labeller clean is important for continued use and crisp, clean labels. With the use of Brady pck-5 cleaning cards you can give the TSL2200 a wipe down and clean it right where you are. This cleaning card is designed to safely remove all dirt, ink, adhesive, and other contaminates from the thermal printing head and paper path of the TSL2200. It is also designed to improve printer quality and legibility. It will also increase output and machine life when used. You can find the Brady pck-5 cleaning kit for the TSL2200 at the Kimco.com website. Our pricing is low and we pride ourselves on being able to ship our products out quickly. Take a look today at our extensive lineup of Brady products.
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