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    Brady BIA-WT Board Inspection Labels Available at Kimco

    When it comes to the inspection process the more streamlined it can be the better it is on production and the bottom line. If you currently have an assembly process that contains several stations of workers, or sites, then the more streamlined it can be, the better it is for everyone. With the help of Brady BIA-WT Board Inspection Labels, workers can easily flag those parts, or devices, that need repair, or removal from the line. At Kimco we believe that these labels are perfect for both the industrial setting and the at home hobbyist, or part time repair shop. They are easy to use, stay affixed in place, and are easily removed without any adhesive residue. They are made out of Repositionable Vinyl Cloth so that they will not be susceptible to any electrostatic discharge. This means that they are safe to work with as well as easy to use. What makes these labels to wonderful is that you have the ability to quickly let someone else know exactly where the problem is within a circuit board. It could be a bad connection, a bad component, a bad solder, or some other defect that needs to be fixed before the product can be released for general use. There is no need for lengthy explanations. Just set a label in place and send it back. Kimco carries an extensive line of Brady products as they are recognized as an industry leader and authority. You can find the BIA-WT inspection labels, as well as many other Brady products, at the Kimco.com online catalog.
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