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    Clearly Mark Your Components With High Temperature Brady PTL 10-426 Labels

    One of the most important aspects of assembling electrical components is the labeling of each part and each circuit. To do this there must be labels that can handle the temperatures they will be subject to. The Brady PTL 10-426 labels are exactly what you need for quality control and better devices. Not many people realize that there is a lot of heat that is generated when an electrical device is being operated. The longer that the circuits are transferring information, or transistors are working, the heat continues to build. In a computer, the fans are used to help dissipate this heat. However, the insides are still quite warm. Regular labels that are used on different components can easily fade away, or discolor, rendering them useless. The Brady PTL 10-426 are High Temperature Polyimide labels that can be used in many different applications. They are used for Circuit Board ID, Component ID, and several other similar type of applications. As such, they are subject to high temperatures. Because of the polymide construction they easily transfer the heat so that they do not yellow, fade, or look burnt. You can read the printing on these letters for many years after they have been afixed. These high temperature labels are .750" x .250" in dimension and come in a 750 label roll. They are used with the Brady TSL2200 labeling system. You can find both of these products at the Kimco.com online catalog. Both are available at a special price and are shipped same day as purchase. While at the site you can also look at several other Brady products as well as accessories and tools for electrical and industrial use.
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