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    Easily Label Wires With Brady PYL 17-426 Labels

    When assembling a circuit board, or organizing a mile of cable wire, it is important to keep labels neat, organized, and easy to read. It is also important that they be rated for the extreme temperatures that can be found within electrical devices, coils, steel booms, and other high temperature applications. With the use of Brady PYL 17-246 labels you can now enjoy clear information for years to come without discoloration. One of the irritating facets of circuit board, or electrical component labels, is that after they have heated up, and cooled off, much of the printing that tells part number and other important information is worn off, discolored, or otherwise not able to be read. Thermal transfer labels by being able to ward off the temperatures and remain bright and crisp for easy reading of instructions, part numbers and other viable information. For use with the Brady TLS2200 labeling system, the PYL 17-246 labels are that essential item that can make assembly of circuits, repair of electrical parts, and organization of cable a breeze. This line of thermal labels can be manually or automatically applied at extreme temperatures, thereby eliminating the requirement to identify goods after cooling. Most extensively used for printed circuit board use, these labels resist lead-free direct wave solder, reflow processing and cleaning solutions. They are 1.000" W x 0.500" H (25.40 mm W x 12.70 mm H) and come in rolls of 500 labels. Check out the catalog at Kimco.com for more information about these Brady labels. You will find that they are competitively priced and are available for immediately delivery.
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