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    The Brady TLS2200 Thermal Label Printer Keeps Wires Organized

    Any job that requires installation of miles and miles of cable is in need of extensive labeling and organizing. Not just any label can do with this type of project. Thermal shielded labels are a special brand of labels that are used extensively within the cable and wire industry. The Brady TLS2200 Thermal Labeling System is the easiest, most productive, way of creating labels for identifying, marking, and organizing large cable installations. What makes this device so valuable to any installer or assembly worker is that the Brady TLS 2200® Thermal Labeling System is a light weight (2.75 lb/1.25 kg) portable printer. This small printer does not take up much room, but is packed with features to make identifying your structured cabling environment a snap. The Brady TLS2200 labeler is a fully contained powerhouse that will fit into any toolbox. It comes fully equipped and feature packed to handle many different project and jobs. Included within the list of features is that it delivers crisp, clear, non-smearing labels, automatically serialize, and can also print two copies of each serialized label - one for each end of the run, includes memory for label storage, banner printing, and PC connectivity, and there are 500 different labels available to fit all your identification needs. The Brady TLS2200 can be found at the Kimco.com website for a very low cost. Check it out today and see why this label maker is perfect for your needs no matter if they are large or small. Our fast shipping will have it out to you the day you order it.
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